Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Ryan's "Glog" is awesome says my dad who helped me build this blog.(I called it glog, don't judge me) So if you don't know what Minecraft is (get a life is what i would probably say but i'm nice, so i didn't say that) go to minecraft.net to watch a video about it and maybe even buy it (for 27 big ones. so minecraft is really a sandbox related game where you place blocks to make shelter and survive the night because monsters come out and try to (politely) eat you (don't worry they use napkins). This is a creeper. it will try to sneak up on you and blow you up, so try to avoid these. 

There is a special legend in Minecraft about a mysterious character that appears only in snowy days, some people don't belive in him but I know he is real... his name... IS HEROBRINE! the Herobrine is a "thing in the mist you will sometimes see if, i've just learned this, if it is snowing,your render distance is tiny, and if you put the CD that looks like it has been scratched.

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